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UNIQCHEM is delivering a full range of additives, rheology modifiers and pigments for the coating, ink and plastic industry.The additives we are offering are defoamers, flow and leveling agents, dispersing agents, light stabilizers and rheology modifiers. Due to strong R&D new products and new categories we will update our product portfolio by introducing new products.
Wetting and dispersing agents for stabilization of organic-, irorganic, black and extender pigments
Flow, leveling and wetting agents based on silicone and non-silicone chemistry.
Silicone and neon-silicone defoamers, anti-foam and air-release agents.
Specialty additives
HALS and light stabilizers for improved durability and eliminating yellowing.

Wetting and dispersing agents for Inkjet. High transparency, color development, low viscosity and excellent stability.