wetting and dispersing agents


UNIQ®SPERSE 586 U is a wetting and dispersing additive for water base and solvent base, The dispersant suited for inorganic or organic pigments and resin free pigment concentrates. It shows good dispersibility and stability.  In baking system it shows excellent high temperature resistance to yellowing. And good water-resistance in waterborne application. Order sample Special Features Spec...
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UNIQ®SPERSE 630 U is a wetting and dispersing additive for water based applications. Suitable for resin free pigment concentrates, suitable for all pigment. The dispersant stabilizes pigments by means of steric stabilization. Especially developed for the grinding of organic pigment to give excellent transparency, color development, and high Chroma, improved the gloss, and shows good viscosity redu...
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UNIQ®SPERSE 680 U is a wetting and dispersing additive for water-, solvent- and solvent free based applications. The dispersant is especially developed for grinding organic pigments, but gives also excellent performances and jetness for HCC carbon black. The dispersant is also suited for inorganic pigments and the dispersant can be used for the preparation of resin free pigment concentrates. ...
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