UNIQ®SPERSE P-141 is a monofunctional, deflocculating wetting and dispersing additive for mineral-filled, amine pre-accelerated polyester putty compounds as well as epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane resins. It improves the wetting and dispersing speed of fillers during dispersion and reduces viscosity to enable an increased filler content to be achieved. It is suitable for all filled PUR systems. Due to its OH functionality, P-141 is incorporated in the polymer matrix and is therefore suitable for PUR systems in which fogging and emissions are critical (e.g., automotive applications, PU adhesives etc.).
UNIQ®SPERSE P-141 is especially recommended for the PU adhesives and sealants, epoxy electronic sealants, epoxy pouring applications and car putty to disperse the fillers(e.g. CaCO3, ATH or micro-silica) in the amine pre-accelerated polyester resins, solvent free epoxy resins or PU resins. It helps to maintain the good flow appearance and excellent storage ability.

          Technical Data sheet