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Flow and leveling agents playing an very important role for the right appearances of your coating. Some can give you slip some will provide alone leveling or a combination of both. Leveling can be split in long and short wave leveling. In general Acrylic leveling agents provide more long wave leveling and Silicone leveling agents provide short wave and will give you slip.products overview 
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Dispersing agents playing a very important role for the wetting and stabilization of pigments.The faster the wetting is taking place the faster the stabilization can take place. in this process it is important to be able to reduce the particle size back to the primary particle of the pigment. Than you will achieve the maximum color strength. Very good dispersing agents will offer you very good vis...
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消泡剂是一种可消除和防止液体涂料生产时产生气泡的添加剂。 常见的消泡剂有非溶性油、聚二甲基硅氧烷和其他有机硅、特定醇以及丙二醇。 这类助剂常用于防止泡的产生或者加入后破泡。其中,大泡通常形成在涂料表面,而小泡则是起泡液中的空气由于不能迅速移动到液体表面而形成的泡。对于小泡而言,需要加入消泡剂把微泡聚集到一起形成大的微泡从而能快速的迁移到液体表面。在工业生产中,泡会带来很多问题,比如漆膜的缺陷,灌装的效率低下。消泡剂的化学成分有很多种,但总之,消泡剂应不溶于涂料体系并具有表面活性。其基本性能是具有低粘度和快速转移到泡沫表面的能力,使泡沫表面张力降低,小气泡快速合并成的大气泡继而上升破灭。产品概述
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