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  • UNIQCHEM is a premier leader in manufacturing and development of high-performance additives for the coatings, ink, inkjet and plastic and composites market.
  • The portfolio of UNIQCHEM consists out: UNIQ®FOAM for defoamers and air release agents, UNIQ®LOW for wetting and leveling agents, UNIQ®SPERSE and UNIQ®JET for wetting and dispersing agents, UNIQ®LIGHT for HALS and light stabilizers and last but not least UNIQ®VIS for specialties have achieved worldwide recognition for their performance, quality and technical innovation.
  • We continue to bring new technologies and products to the markets and to work collaboratively with our customers to build on our technical expertise.
  • Special attention is given to our development of new products. To be innovative, our products needs to give an added value to our customers. Therefore, we continuous developing new products with improved features. That our R&D is successful is proven by the sales of new product developed.



UNIQ®SPERSE 586 U is a wetting and dispersing additive for water base and solvent base, The dispersant suited for inorganic or organic pigments and resin free pigment concentrates. It shows good dispersibility and stability.  In baking system it shows excellent high temperature resistance to yellowing. And good water-resistance in waterborne...

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UNIQ®SPERSE 680 U is a wetting and dispersing additive for water-, solvent- and solvent free based applications. The dispersant is especially developed for grinding organic pigments, but gives also excellent performances and jetness for HCC carbon black. The dispersant is also suited for inorganic pigments and the dispersant can be...

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