Location: Shanghai, China

Date: 18-20 Nov 2019

The China coating show in Shanghai from 18-20 Nov has been for UNIQCHEM a great success.

From beginning on Monday 18 till end of Wednesday 20 the booth have been full with many visitors around the globe. Very interesting and good new connections have been created and is offering UNIQCHEM new potential for the future.

Several new products have been introduced and launched during the coating show: UNIQSPERSE 580U, especially developed for the grinding of HCC Carbon black in water based application to give the highest jetness and blue shading. Also 580U is suited for many organic pigments but when in water based more different organic colors the UNIQSPERSE 630U would be our best recommended dispersing agent.

For transparent iron oxides in water based UNIQCHEM launched UNIQSPERSE 795W.

In Inkjet applications the UNIQJET rangeis further extended with 2 new high performance 100% dispersants, UNIQJET 9550 and UNIQJET 9560. These 2 dispersants giving the best and lowest viscosities for PY 150 and PY180 what is used a lot in inkjet applications.

Feel free still to contact us to get more info about the new launched products.