Ringier Technology Innovation Award

On May 30-31, the “2023 China Coating Ink Summit & Exhibition” hosted by Ringier was held in Shanghai, with the theme of “energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection innovation”, through experience sharing, promote the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the coating industry. The industry’s authoritative award “2023 Ringier Coating Industry Technology Innovation Award Ceremony” created by the organizing committee was held at the same time, and the product “UNIQ® FLOW 350W” of UNIQCHEM won the 2023 Ringier Coatings Industry Technology Innovation Award with outstanding advantages.

UNIQ®FLOW 350 W from UNIQCHEM is a fluorocarbon polymer leveling agent that can improve short-wave leveling, especially long-wave leveling, without affecting recoating, and can help waterborne coatings achieve better leveling performance; In addition, it has a good ability to wet substrates, and can replace the role of silicone wetting agents in systems where silicone additives cannot be used; Finally, compared with the foam stabilization defects of silicone wetting agents, UNIQ®FLOW 350 W not only does not stabilize foaming, but also has certain foam instability, which greatly reduces the difficulty of defoaming.

Mr. Shi Dan, Director of R&D and Production of UNIQCHEM Asia Pacific, attended the Ringier Technology Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony and delivered a speech: “Thank you for this event, and thank the industry experts here for their recognition and encouragement of our products. As a professional additive company, we take technology as the leader in the research and development of new products of additives. This innovative technology award is an encouragement to our past achievements in innovation and R&D, as an auxiliary company, under this incentive, we will give full play to more potential in the future, devote ourselves to our new R&D work, and bring more and better products to the industry and everyone! ”