UNIQ®SPERSE 580 U is a wetting and dispersing additive for water based and solvent free applications. Suitable for industrial, automotive coating and resin free pigment concentrates.

UNIQ®SPERSE 580 U is especially developed for the grinding of high channel black pigment, shows best jetness with blue undertone, and excellent dispersion stability and viscosity reduction. Also suitable for dispersing organic pigments, especially the PB15:2 pigment, shows excellent transparency and color development.


  • Water-borne and solvent free applications
  • Excellent dispersant for inorganic and organic pigments, especially for high channel black pigment

  • Improves color development and Chroma

  • Excellent jetness and blue undertone

  • Strong viscosity reduction

  • Suited for resin free pigment concentrates

Solid content:

1.07 g/cm3

Amine value:
52 mg KOH/g

Yellowish turbid liquid

Amount of solid additive based on pigment (SOP):
• Inorganic pigments:           2 – 5 %
• Titanium dioxides:              2 – 5 %
• Organic pigments:          15 – 50 %
• Carbon blacks:              20 – 100 %

The above recommended levels can be used for orientation and needs to be optimized by testing.