UNIQ®SPERSE 670 U is a new chemistry developed dispersing agents is suited for solvent-, water-based, UV and solvent-free coating system. The dispersant is very well suited for grinding transparent iron oxides and also difficult pigments like eg PR177 to achieve very high transparency and color development. Also the dispersant is excellent suited for dispersing  matting agents in water-based and solvent free systems like in UV to give excellent viscosity reduction, matting efficiency and storage stability without forming hard sediment.

  • Suitable for all types of solvent-, water-based, UV and solvent-free systems
  • Excellent transparency and stability for Transparent iron oxides, but also suited for some organic pigment like eg PR177
  • Prevent settling of matting agents
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Improves the color and saturation of pigments

Solid content:        100%

Density:                   1.12 g/cm3

Amine Value:          42 mg/KOH

Appearance:           Yellowish turbid liquid

Amount of solid additive based on pigment (SOP):
• Inorganic pigments:         2 – 15 %
• Titanium dioxides:              1 – 5 %
• Organic pigments:          10 – 50 %
• Carbon blacks:              20 – 100 %

The above recommended levels can be used for orientation and needs to be optimized by testing.